Dear Mom,



Dear Mom

You are the reason for today:

     A doorbell you rang seems just like yesterday

With rays of love shinning my everyday!

I know distance makes it hard for you to see:

     A soul scrolls to the days we swing a sip of tea;

A heart crafts a distance closer for me to be!

The call yesterday made me cry:

     I said hello, you couldn’t tie

To your daughter’s regards, why?

Your mind vanished words, my name fades

     Into your heart’s shades

Where it still beats to your love aids

A disease to destroy minds’ arts

   Yet, I linger to your heart and chart:

A time you baked and fed us tarts

I know life drank your vigor to be:

     A mom to inspire and free

Our hearts from hate and fear

From you I learn to survive my days:

            A mom lived in wars and phase

But, I beg you to stay strong to the blaze

Mom, I called you and swore:

            One more time together ashore

When I arrive, you open the door!

Please, give me time to see you beside

            Your grandkids and son that glide

To the sound of your pride!

©️Kalida’s Corner


    1. Kalida AK

      I hope so Phil 🙂… I think no one is ever ready to face this kind of reality. The heart aches for acknowledging and sensing the tough situation while smiling for the heartily captured moments… these mixed feelings spin us around till tears and laughters flatter in harmony – in a position to embrace the “special experience”from miles and miles away ! I truly appreciate your feedback.

      Liked by 1 person

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