A Place Never Gone



driving through the narrow road, two yellow lines

in the middle, pulling me straight to the center.

I look to my right, I reach my beautiful place:

white fence, wide green meadow, horse crouched under the sole tree,

surrounded me.

a tree standing tall,

capturing the eyes of the riders. A tree glorifying its

venue and shedding light into the hearts

of the pedestrians. A tree standing

strong and worn, reflecting infancy as the lake mirrors its nub

where is the tree, green wide meadow?

I, ask. Clenched to my camera.

horse approaches close to the fence, puling for help

wreckage confined my venue, as I stand tall wretched

to find my place the same.

a tree gone, meadow packed with aged woods

green upended by engines and blown up

my peaceful place in vain.

what have they done?

I crouched behind the fence, browsing, swiping the screen

through the last resemblance of my heart, wounded by what

my eyes suffered to believe.

a place never gone from my heart, luminous roots standing tall beneath

the ground of the new homes.

©️Kalida’s Corner

4 thoughts on “A Place Never Gone”

  1. Oh Kalida. Beautifully expressed but so sad. Lovely writing and I may have to imagine you didn’t drive far enough and your peaceful place is still there beyond the brow of the next hill 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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