fall is here- for the world to change!


The Taste of Fall

Nutmeg. Cinnamon. Cloves. Pumpkin. Mmm, it's the taste of Fall!


A Place Never Gone

  driving through the narrow road, two yellow lines in the middle, pulling me straight to the center. I look to my right, I reach my beautiful place: white fence, wide green meadow, horse crouched under the sole tree, surrounded me. a tree standing tall, capturing the eyes of the riders. A tree glorifying its… Continue reading A Place Never Gone

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Nature’s Heart

Explore life's rhythm┬ásimply through nature!    


Grasped Moment

  Melody breezing bellsÔÇÖ chains, Swaying in lanes, in nature, I stand,┬áBountiful Azalea glowing┬áBluebell flower I am. Shyly blossom, in spring essence of fragrance blooming Bluebell flower I am. Gazing at myself, in nature, I stand, Grasping moments camera clicks, breaking silence flashing my face, Bluebell flower I am. ┬ę´ŞĆKalida's Corner