fall is here- for the world to change!


Tabouli with Love

Tabouli with Love, just what we needed for a relaxing and family Sunday. My girls got one more week to go of testing, and I'm so proud of how great they are doing and pulling it off! Putting soul and heart in the process .... love tastes LOVE ! ☀️Happy Monday !   Yield: 8… Continue reading Tabouli with Love


Wide Meadow…

She put on her gym garment and walked. She took a deep breath and went for a long academic journey. The speed focused on 4.0; the incline quickly adjusted between 0 and 12 percent targeting specific muscle groups and gaining sufficient energy. Mind focused on bright visions of growing, learning, and discovering! Obstacles attempted to… Continue reading Wide Meadow…


A Place Never Gone

  driving through the narrow road, two yellow lines in the middle, pulling me straight to the center. I look to my right, I reach my beautiful place: white fence, wide green meadow, horse crouched under the sole tree, surrounded me. a tree standing tall, capturing the eyes of the riders. A tree glorifying its… Continue reading A Place Never Gone

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Nature’s Heart

Explore life's rhythm simply through nature!    


Grasped Moment

  Melody breezing bells’ chains, Swaying in lanes, in nature, I stand, Bountiful Azalea glowing Bluebell flower I am. Shyly blossom, in spring essence of fragrance blooming Bluebell flower I am. Gazing at myself, in nature, I stand, Grasping moments camera clicks, breaking silence flashing my face, Bluebell flower I am. ©️Kalida's Corner